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We are really sorry for being away for so long. As of now, I am going to end this scanlation team, and as a parting gift, I will finish KIMI NO SEI. That is, if anyone's interested to TRANSLATE the last book. I have the whole RAW, i just need someone to translate everything. Please contact me at kawaii_aya2002@yahoo.com and send me an email.

With that, I thank you all who appreciate everything.

Please see the project page for the download links. Thanks


Hope to bring you lots of manga and upcoming projects in the future. So bookmark us!

 - A word of advice, mangakas put up a lot of work in doing their manga. You can support them by buying their works when it is licensed and available in your local area.



Monochrome Dreams is a non-profit group. We just love manga and this is the reason enough why we SCANLATE FOR FREE for fans and readers.


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